Content Makes All the Difference
Content Makes All the Difference

Content Makes All the Difference

Content is vital for online success so you can bring more visitors to your siteJust as it is vital for a website to be easy to use it is equally important for the site – the business – to be easy to find. This findability makes a huge difference and is the reason there’s such a focus on internet marketing.

If people can’t find your website then they can’t find your business and there’s no use in being on the web.

To achieve appearing on Google’s first page of search results you must have good content with good key words in it that relate to your business and the material that is on the page Google is searching.

Content includes:

  • Articles
  • Product reviews
  • Blog posts
  • Interviews
  • Online advertisements – written material rather than graphics
  • Alternate text for images

So the more content you have on your site the more hooks you have out into the internet to attract visitors and search engines. The easier it is then for people to find your business.

You can start with articles telling the story of the products and services – what is involved in making them, in delivering them, the people involved, the history, educating potential customers about them, comparing and contrasting in constructive terms products and services (never be negative to sell something), future developments and latest releases.

Articles need only be 350 – 750 words long and when they have a reasonable amount of well chosen key words and phrases then they’ll bring even more visitors. Be careful not to key word stuff your articles and web pages as Google doesn’t like this and won’t list your pages – defeating the purpose of your content.

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If you’re not so sure about writing material yourself there are a heap of article content websites where you can freely use the articles in your website, blog or email newsletter as long as you include the author’s resource (that usually includes a link to their website). This is a very successful and popular method that works for both you, the publisher, and the writer.

Content is so vital because it is such a successful way for people to find the online business because people want to learn more about what they are interested in. If you are purely a selling website then you still have the opportunity of providing product reviews and industry news to give yourself plenty of hooks out into the net.

When you develop articles for your website and blog make sure you include ones that are attractive to other sites to cross promote. So say you have a public relations agency you can have a series of articles providing advice on how to make marketing campaigns work. This will show case you as an industry expert, start training prospective clients in best practice methods, demonstrate to clients why they need a professional and be attractive content for other sites to link to so they can share useful information with their treasured readers. Do make sure to do a thank you shout out to any blog or site that links to your articles as this will benefit both of you with your back linking strategies.

To get the most out of this approach it's important to skill up on writing headlines. Many writers start with the headline and then write the article. This practical approach is a great way to develop a range of interesting pieces.

Remember to also cross promote your articles in your social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter with links to the articles. You can also cross promote sites in your social media who have linked to your articles.

Without content you significantly reduce your findability. With content you bring in thousands of new visitors all the time and is crucial for any linking strategy.



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