Top Tips on Why Getting Industry Experience Makes All the Difference
Top Tips on Why Getting Industry Experience

Top Tips on Why Getting Industry Experience

7 Top Tips for Why Work Experience and Internships are So ValuableAs you will be told, over and over again, work experience is key to having a successful career after you have finished your university degree. There are several things that working within the particular industry you hope to enter after graduating will bring to you, many of which cannot be taught in your lecture theatres or will be listed in the multiple choice section of your final exams.

1. 'P's (Passes) make degrees' - true, but degrees alone do not make a career. You must be aware of the economic factors surrounding the environment you are attempting to penetrate. At present, the turmoil businesses are faced with during the recent difficulties still stands, and has effected almost every sector of the workforce. In most circumstances companies have far more competing graduates than job positions to fill to choose from so giving yourself a headstart with experience will get you ahead of the pack.

2. There is a growing number of people choosing to do the hard yards, do the work and get qualified. Degrees are becoming a 'bare minimum requirement' to simply get your foot in the door for most industries. You now require a 'competitive edge' over the thousands of other graduates after the same job.

3. Gaining work experience is putting together your own personal portfolio that will help you stand out from the pack to your prospective employer(s). Portfolios are extremely useful for demonstrating any keys skills you have developed through working in the field that are particular to the position you are applying for. Getting professional advice and assistance when putting together your CV is also a good idea, as it will help you to outline your strengths and formally state your case as to why hiring you would be a sound investment for any company.

Prize packs competitions from She Inspires4. The process of seeking work experience from the array of choices available will help you to make some directive decisions about what specialised fields interest you the most. Once you have tried and tested particular avenues, not all of which will excite and entice you - you will hold a clearer perspective on the professional future you could possibly see yourself in one day.

5. Any experience, good or bad, is still experience and will more than likely always turn out to be of some help to you. Not all work experience jobs are pretty, and most - unpaid. Expect a lot of fetching, copying, getting coffees, and not a lot of explanation on what your exactly expected to do. A lot of employers will throw you in there with no safety nets as a test to see how you handle the challenge and how quickly you are able to adapt and think on your feet.

6. This point follows on from the point above - don't be a snob. My best advice is, any work you are offered - take it. It will not only impress the employer at your placement, but future employers to know that you can get your hands dirty, and work from the ground up. This is how it has been done for decades in most workplaces, and it proves a worthwhile path as it gives workers the opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of a company.

7. Finally, make a lasting impression upon your work colleagues - and a great one at that. You never know what contacts or relationships you make during your stint at a company will turn out to be a helpful hand to you in the future. If people respect your work ethic and capabilities, and more importantly - remember you, they're much more likely to recommend you to their contacts and superiors for positions they believe you could be suited to.

So organising your internship and gaining your work experience are well worth your time and effort.



About Liz Bowen

About Liz Bowen

Elizabeth is currently a journalism student at Newcastle University. With great loves for the mediums of film, music, fashion, and popular culture; she spends her time researching and reviewing artists who have succeeded in their mission to inspire and connect with audiences.
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