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Learning About The Craft Of Writing

Learning About The Craft Of Writing

To make life easy for you we've brought together a series of great articles about the craft of writing, including advice for writing short story competitions, interviews with authors, tips about the publishing industry and a whole stack more. So we hope you find some real gems in these blogs on writing.

The Skill Of Writing

aCraft: Adding Action and Suspense

Add more action and suspense to your writing without going over the top. This blog contains great tips from experienced writers on how to add anticipation to your writing. With these tips you won't be worried about turning your writing into a dramatic whirl pool. Get good advice on improving your cliff hangers and grabbing your readers attention.

Click here to visit the Romance Writers of Australia Inc. blog

aThe Art of the Short Story

Read this interview from ABC Radio national with Tasmanian author Geoff Dean regarding his published short story, Under The Mountain. Geoff Dean talks about his short story and gives practical insights into the art of writing short stories. Learn from the professionals how to improve your short stories!

Click here to visit the Roaring Forties Press blog

aProofreading Tips

Although publishers and editors are meant to find all the mistakes that you missed, no one wants to send in their writing with a bunch of errors. This blog will turn you into a proofreading phenomenon. There are great tips for new writers or for more experienced writers. Turn your work into publishers error free with the help of this great blog!

Click here to visit the Newbie Writers blog

aShort Stories-A strong Opening

Every writer is trying to get her readers hooked as soon as they read that first sentence. But how do you get your readers to keep yearning for more? All the answers are here for you! Read more about hooking your audience and reeling them in to your short stories!

Click here for my writing tips from Suite 101

aShort Story Tips

This blog from young adult author Amra Pajalic will give you some great quick tips on improving your short stories. Find information on short story elements, finding markets for your stories, submitting your stories online, short story competitions and more.

Click here to visit Amra Pajalic's Young Adult Author Blog

aHow To Make Your Writing Sizzle

Feel like your writing has fallen into the same old boring routine? What can you do to spice up your writing and bring your writing back to life? Learn how to make you writing sizzle and resuscitate your writing! Australian author and freelance writer Janet Shaw's tips will keep your writing radiating with life!

Visit Janet Shaw's Website here

aWatch Out...You're On Your Soap Box Again!

Everyone wants to write on topics that matter to them. However, you don't want your strong feelings to intrude on your writing. Learn how to write about subjects that matter without preaching to the choir. Get your point across subtly without screaming it at your audience.

Click here to visit the Writing For Success Blog

aWriting Story That Matters – Themes, Techniques and Voice.

Read this blog about how to write with integrity. The author is the one that makes the story through humor, personality, and their view of life. Help your writing shine with authenticity with this blog!

Visit The Society of Women Writers NSW Inc. for more articles

aHow Not To Get Distracted While You're Trying To Write

Have a short story you need to write but keep on getting distracted? Distractions always seem to appear right when you need to get something written. When even a pencil can distract you from getting your writing done check out these tips and get focused. Don't let distractions keep you from writing!

Go to the Sydney Writers' Centre blog for more tips

aTop Ten Writing Tips To Help You To Write More

These writing tips can help you keep improving your writing skills. Whether you are interested in writing poems, short stories, blogs, or novels these tips can help you!

Click to visit Angela Booth's Writing Blog

aShort Story Writing: Editing and Revising

Finishing a short story feels great! No one wants to go back to edit and revise your recently finished masterpiece. However, it is immensely important. This blog has great tips on editing and revising your short story even when it may feel like a drag. Edit and revise your work and triumph with success to achieve your goals - winning writing competitions, getting published - you get the idea.

Click here to go to Short Story Writing

Click here to go in our competitions and writing contestsWriters on Writing

aThe Book is the Boss

A great blog on writing simply for the love of it by Tara Moss. It is east to get caught up in writing for money or competitions. Read this blog to get in touch with the real reason you started writing; because you enjoy it. Tara gives inspirational advice on how to write your short stories and novels "...Because the story demands it."

Click here to visit Tara Moss's blog The Book Post

aThe First Cut...

This blog provides a great interview with Carmel Shute on promoting new talent in Australian women's crime fiction and the Scarlet Stiletto Awards. Find out more about the Scarlet Stiletto Awards and what opportunities they have created for Australian women's crime fiction. Carmel Shute gives great insight on the Scarlet Stiletto Awards and how they have helped define writing today.

Click here to visit the Speakeasy blog

aThe Business of Writing

Get great advice from published writer Sara Douglass on how to get your own writing published. Get tips from starting out on your first piece, to presenting a manuscript to a publisher. Learn what to do to make your writing successful!

Click here to visit Sara Douglass's blog

aEight Short Story Starters

Starting out on your short stories can be difficult when you don't have a good idea. Sometimes all you need is a jump start to get your ideas flowing. These great short story starters can help you start your next masterpiece! Find these eight short story starters and more at Trevor's writing blog to help you get started. .

Click here to visit Trevor's Writing Blog

aOn Writing, Blogging and Social Media: An Interview From Victorian Writer

This interview for Victorian Writer will give you insight on how other writers view writing, blogging and social media. Learn more or share your thoughts about writing. Whether you or an author, writer, publisher, or just a reader this blog will give you knowledge on what other writers or thinking.

Visit Angela Meyer's blog Literary Minded

Getting Your Stories Told

aDefining Australian Writing

What makes Australian literature different? This blog has interesting insight on what Australians must do to get their writing to stand out among the rest. Whether it is a story set in Australia or another far away land Australian writing stands out. Find out more about Australian writing and improve your writing.

Click here to visit the Readings blog

aPublishing: End Of An Era?

Online books, Kindles, I-pads these are all new advancements in technology that have publishers worried. Will these new gizmos be the end of publishing as we know it? Read how other authors feel about this new era in the world of writing and publishing.

Visit the Writer Unboxed blog for more articles

aPublish With Us

Trying to get your short story or writings published? Publish With Us can help you. Make your life easier with this easy way to publish your work. A great Australian publisher that can help you with getting your stories told!

Click here to to visit Writers Now Online

aWhat's The Best Way To Make Money From Your Writing?

Write your stories and get paid for it! Learn the best way to make money for doing what you love. Find out how other writers generate an income and what you can do to start making money now!

Click here to visit Write 101

Inspire the World With your New Found Writing Skills

These great blogs on writing will bring something new to your writing. They can help bring new ideas and inspire you to improve your writing. Use these articles to improve your writing skills or to influence you to start on a new idea you have been dying to write down. Find new information and learn from the professionals. Now go start writing!

Entering Short Story Competitions

Entering writing competitions is a great way to hone your writing craft skills - deadlines have an amazing impact on getting those creative ideas flowing! The practice of writing will also bring about better results and entering writing contests is a great way to make sure you are sitting down and writing those stories.

So now that you have all the tools you need to write an awe-inspiring short story, try out your skills and enter the She Inspires Short Story Competition. Click here to find more about how to go in on the She Inspires Short Story Competition and win great prizes!



Keep Exploring...

Keep Exploring...

10 Great Podcast Interviews with Successful Authors10 Great Podcast Interviews with Successful AuthorsWith the Sydney Writer's Festival starting I thought a great way to celebrate it would be access to a range of interviews with fascinating authors by the talented Richard Fiddler of ABC Local Radio.

So here is a list of 10 Podcast interviews with authors for your enjoyment.

7 Top Tips for How to Create Your Own Published Writing Portfolio7 Top Tips for How to Create Your Own Published Writing PortfolioGetting into the writing and publishing industry can be challenging - experience is always wanted and getting your foot in the first door can be the hardest experience.

Opening the door yourself can be much easier and here, we'll go through an easy way for you to get started with the minimal of cost with the potential for great rewards with 7 great tips for getting started.

My Blogging Tips!My Blogging Tips!Here's your chance to share your blogging tips and tell what you love about blogging!

So dive right in for your chance to WIN Freshwater Pearl earrings and make sure you list your blog too.

What's So Important About Reading to Children?What's So Important About Reading to Children?Sharing bedtime stories with children makes the world of difference to forming fun and loving relationships, improving children's literacy abilities and spending time together.

Find out why Mem Fox and Bryce Courtney passionately support reading to children with the Pyjama Foundation.

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