Jog For Your Health

Jogging also helps in increasing bone density.

If you are fat, jogging might be the perfect steeping stone for starting your weight loss program.

And if you are simply in love with walking, you need to know that jogging can make you more efficient at walking!

To start jogging you do not require a great deal of preparation. In fact all you need is,

A pair of running shoes.

To put on a tracksuit and not be in street clothes.

A sipper-bottle of water, so that you can keep yourself hydrated during your jogging session. You should drink about eight ounces of water before you start your daily jogging routine and another eight when you are done with jogging for the day.

But then, you may ask how jogging promotes leanness. You need to understand that it is easier for a thin person to engage in brisk activities such as running and jogging. So, if you are overweight, your body will strive to adjust to jogging, by burning more fat and trying to get slimmer. This is way of saying that when exposed to a new stimulus in the form of jogging; your body will reflexively try to become leaner.

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